About CanCan

My name is Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite, but friendly people call me CanCan. Some PR people put “CanCan” in sarcastic quotes to let me know they are secretly rolling their eyes when addressing me via email.

I’m a Southerner by birth, and now reside in New York City after a decade in Asia.

I married Cliff, the love of my life, in 2016.

I am the proud mother of three beautiful children, Jojo (born 10/04), Deeds (born 8/07), and Lucy (01/19).

Along the way, I earned an M.A. in teaching and have more than 11 years experience in the education field, working with children of a wide range of ages, from preschool to University students.

I live in NYC work as a writer, marketer, community manager, social media consultant, and social asset manager.

Bonus Facts!

  • I haven’t owned a car since 2003. I haven’t had a ticket since 1999.
  • I was a vegetarian for 17 years before moving to NYC. I was a raw vegan for one year.
  • Healthy eating and natural living are a fixation of mine.
  • I’m really queasy when it comes to talking about medical issues or watching those disgusting surgery shows on TV. Also don’t give me details of your colon cleanse.
  • Since traveling in developing countries a lot, I’m not that keen on animals anymore. Deeds was attacked by a monkey in 2009 and had the full rabies series.
  • I edit videos for fun and profit.
  • Jojo has sensory issues and refuses to touch metal. But I kind of feel that way about plastic so I get it.
  • I’m instantly suspicious of anything new or popular in American culture. I can’t help it. It might be a lingering side effect of the time I spent listening to punk, emo, and indie bands as a teen.
  • My dad was a DJ for more than 30 years, and now broadcasts on
  • My brother is a musician who has lent his drumming talents to Wild Sweet Orange, Great Book of John, and Remy Zero.
  • My sister-in-law is a food blogger and gourmand.


  • the color pink
  • high fashion
  • leggings
  • skinny jeans
  • raw onions
  • mushrooms (I still don’t liked canned…)
  • Apple products
  • waxing
  • vintage 50’s dresses
  • heels
  • having pale skin vs. tanning