• http://aroundtheisland.blogspot.com/ Robin

    Your bathroom pictures always remind me of my first apartment LOL (and then make me remember why I moved!).

    Robins last blog post..Impromptu Math Lesson

  • http://www.sreisaat.blogspot.com Sreisaat

    It certainly is similar to bathrooms in most apartments/houses here in Phnom Penh – the water-heater, the hand-spray, etc.

    Sreisaats last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #66: Meat market…

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  • http://www.picklebums.com katef

    Looks a bit like our bathroom… bring on the renovations!
    Happy WW

  • http://thehealthymoms.blogspot.com Cascia @ Healthy Moms

    Great photos!

  • http://katydidandkid.blogspot.com Kathleen

    I love the fan. That would be nice in our bathroom, especially after certain things happen in there.

    I always wondered about those sprayers–do you still have to wipe yourself dry?

    I think you need a chandelier in there!

  • Jenny

    I love the bathroom!! Miss those days in Asia!!

  • http://www.rundpinne.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    I am envious, you have a mirror!

  • http://www.three-peas.com Tiff@ThreePeas

    LOL reminds of my bathroom. We just gutted it. There ‘snothing in there but studs an pipes for the last year or so. Fun times I will ya!

    Tiff@ThreePeass last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  • http://accidentalmommies.com Kim @ What’s That Smell?

    That is crazy! The hand sprayer CRACKED ME UP!

  • http://mommasgoneoverthewall.blogspot.com/ Staci A

    Not quite sure I could bring myself to use the sprayer, but it looks great & so organized!

  • http://erinstar.blogspot.com/ Mrs Cox

    I think I’d use that sprayer for her diapers!! :)

  • http://lifeinawhirlwind.blogspot.com Michelle

    My favorite is the Built in hand-held personal cleansing sprayer!

  • http://mommyto2princess.blogspot.com Allison

    I have never seen a bathroom like that. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.bathroomsprayers.com//index.php David

    The sprayer is the best invention since the toilet! You can get them athttp://www.bathroomsprayers.com//index.php and install them yourself without a plumber. You won’t regret it.

  • http://wishingpenny.blogspot.com/2009/01/renee-jeremy-cd-review-and-giveaway-2.html Jamaise

    “International Bathrooms” should be a coffee table book :)))