Traumatic Well-Visit Day!

Today was Jojo’s 3 year well-child Dr.’s visit, as well as Baby D’s 2 month check up.
Jojo is 50th percentile for height and weight. “Big D” is 97th for weight! I forget what she said for height but it was MUCH MUCH lower…I want to say something like 50th as well. I knew he was as big as a house with little short legs. He is 10 weeks old and weighs 15 lbs, 2 oz., or about half the body weight of my 3-year-old.
Big D had to get 3 shots and a oral rotovirus vaccine (who’s idea was it to make a baby swallow syrup…for a vaccine?)
Jojo has to get blood drawn for some kind of “routine” lead test, and also a flu shot. He really freaked out over it. The whole scene was difficult and stressful to watch. I’m so glad that hubby was able to come with me. The last 2 visits, he hasn’t been able to come to the Dr. with us.
I had a major gross out moment today. Jojo suddenly wanted to play with my little brother’s (ancient) He-Man castle that is in the attic. When I went to the attic to fetch it, I noticed one of my boxes stored up there had a NEWLY CHEWED RAT HOLE in it. I was afraid to open it but I made hubby bring it down for me to assess the damage. It was a box that I hadn’t opened since about 2002, but I know the rat chewing is new because I have been up there all summer sorting things and cleaning out stuff. I was sad to see that the rat elected to totally destroy a Stevie Wonder Boxed Set (wow, thanks), a bunch of magazines, some mardi gras necklaces, and some essays I wrote in college. He did not decide to eat the jewelry cleaner, the family name crocheted by Great Aunt Modine for our wedding gift (I would have been so upset…), a journal, a smoke detector, or some kitchen curtains (I know…I am a terrible packer. No method to my madness!). There were also some blankets in the box that must have made a cozy burrow, and TONS of sunflower seed shells that are similar to the ones my mom puts in her bird feeders. So I think whoever chewed through the bird seed cannisters in the yard must have made a home in the attic. So. Very. Gross.
After I cleaned out that nastyness, I went with the fam to the public library for some sort of Halloween-ish themed party that I think didn’t actually use the word “Halloween” so it could be appealing to all peoples. Jojo had 2 cupcakes and we listened to stories told by a woman dressed as a scarecrow. Jojo dressed as a fireman, but since he has been watching old Superman cartoons, he put the red sweatpants and sweatshirt on OVER his clothes that he was already wearing. (Since we know Superman wears his Superclothes under his Journalist clothes).

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