Success in the Dentist Office!

Today was Jojo’s first ever trip to the DENTIST. He did so well, the hygienist and dentist were so amazed how composed he was for being not-yet-three-years-old.
He sat well through the brushing and flossing but cried a bit during the fluoride treatment because he said it tasted yucky. I never liked that part either.
He got to pick a toothbrush (red with monkeys on it) and a PRIZE FROM THE TREASURE BOX! There were cool prizes like play dough, but he chose a pirate eye patch, which is also cool, but considerably more cheap.
After the dentist we went to the play ground for a bit. We tried to eat lunch at the picnic tables but there were a lot of yellow jackets around the trash cans and I was afraid Jojo would get stung, so I moved us away from the pavilions to a patch of grass. Mom paranoia.
All in all: a successful day thus far.

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