Space Nation Orbit

I have an exciting new job, and I hope you will understand if I make an OUT OF THIS WORLD pun right here.

I am the head editor of  Space Nation Orbit, a lifestyle website about space.


What type of content would you expect to find on a lifestyle website about space? Well, it turns out the possibilities are really broad.

Astronaut skills ARE life skills. I never really thought about how life on a space station would necessitate all kinds of abilities that would make my life on Earth more amazing.

Intentionality, mindfulness, minimalism, conservation, ecology, physical fitness, and mental wellness are all a part of the astronaut tool kit. They also have to learn how to do their own dental repair, plumbing, and mechanical repairs. Basically they are everything, and everything is them.


So, on Space Nation Orbit, we are hiring writers (A LOT OF WRITERS) to create content with space-filled perspectives on FASHION, DESIGN, FITNESS, TECH, CULTURE, ART, TRAVEL, COMMUNITY, SCI-FI, MENTAL HEATH, and other life stuff.

If you are interested in being a part of this unique new project, please contact me!

Also join us on our TWITTER PARTY:

Space Nation Orbit Party: November 8, 2017

8:00-9:00  pm ET

Theme: Winning at Life with Astronaut Skills

Hashtag: #OrbitLaunch

Sponsor: @spacenation

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