Plenty of Dead Fish In The Sea: Tinder Tales

I have a couple of friends who are begrudgingly on Tinder, an app that lets you see eligible singles in your area  so that you can decide to meet them based purely on physical attraction. They were having so much fun being horrified at the options out there, i joined in the fun, and also a supposedly more ritzy app called Bumble. Soon I noticed this interesting phenomenon: men choosing to hold dead things in their profile picture. 

And I mean the lead profile picture, which hints that they put a modicum of thought into what might attract a woman, and decided it would be a dead thing.

So I collected some dead thing pictures in only a span of five days.   

I captured this image strictly because you win, Cody. You win dating profile fishing.


These look like freaky, terrifying puppets. And look at the fish.


“Not everything is a competition!” Shut up, Brian! Tell it to Cody’s man fish.

Actually doesnt disturb me like the fish. Nice color coordination with clothes and prey.

Not technically a Dead Thing but super creepy. That is blood! you research it! On dates?


As much as giant vacant eyed fish skeeve me out, great use if angles.




Is James’s fish a metaphor?


A big fish for a lucky girl.


Good luck out there, ladies who want to be caught, and fish who don’t.

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