Not Fun Thursday

Thursdays are one of my hardest mom days. My husband works from 10am-10pm on Thursdays. I work in the mornings and pick up Jojo from preschool at 1, try to get him to eat lunch in the car so I can get him down for a nap by 2. If he isn’t down by 2 […]

Success in the Dentist Office!

Today was Jojo’s first ever trip to the DENTIST. He did so well, the hygienist and dentist were so amazed how composed he was for being not-yet-three-years-old.He sat well through the brushing and flossing but cried a bit during the fluoride treatment because he said it tasted yucky. I never liked that part either.He got […]

Fun with Charity Clothes

This is just an impromptu Halloween costume I put together from a bag of charity donated clothes. I was going for “elementary school teacher”, or “a mom, circa 1992″. I entered a picture of Jojo in a Halloween/Fall Photo Contest. It is one of my favorite pictures ever.

Fall Festival Fun

We went to a Fall Festival held at the local elementary school tonight. I was proud of Jojo, the not-quite-three-year-old when he popped a balloon in the dart game. We had just seen a large 5th grade boy fail to pop a balloon. Yes. My son is advanced.He was also as fast as lightening on […]

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