My Tien Tran: Searching for Birth Family

I found this very touching story and want to post this, in the off-chance someone might read it and be able to help. My Tien Thi Tran will be returning to Vietnam in October to continue searching for birth relatives. If anyone can help, please email Jessica. She is My Tien Thi Tran’s daughter.

My Tien Tran as a child (2nd from left)

By My Tien Thi Tran
There was a young couple with a small infant child. They were riding in a cyclo. When suddenly out of nowhere, came a big truck that hit the cyclo. All four were thrown to the hard ground. The cyclo driver and the woman were killed instantly. The man’s legs had been brutally cut by the force of the cyclo being crushed by the brute force of the truck.
The man cried out to the overlookers, “Please, will someone help my daughter?” A woman approached the accident. She was on her way to visit her child in school. She watched as the Blue Cross came and took the man to the hospital. The woman followed the Blue Cross to the hospital and watched as they tended to the man. The man did not seem to feel the pain of his gruesome wounds, but would tell the nurses “Please help my child.”
It was later known, that the child was taken to a Catholic orphanage. The woman that had overlooked that horrific accident, went home, and spent months pondering what had happened to that child. Five months later, the woman and her husband adopted the child and took the infant to her sister in a city far away called Quang Tri La Vang in the central highlands of Vietnam. The child was raised by the sister of the woman until she reached seven years of age, and then was returned to her adoptive parents.
I am that child!
My name is My Tien Thi Tran.
This is the name that was given to me by adoptive parents. I am desperately wishing to find my father or any relatives that I may have in Vietnam

If you’re not touched by this story, well, you’re made of stone!

What an incredible story of tragedy, love, loss, and hope.

Jessica is trying to bring as much attention and exposure to her mother’s story as possible, in hopes it might propagate far enough and wide enough to touch someone who can help her reunite with her birth family. If you’d like to help, either link to this post or publish it on your blog.

Drop a comment to let us know you’re supporting My Tien Thi Tran’s cause (so we can thank you and watch her story spread).

In Vietnamese:

?ây là câu truy?n khi tôi v?n còn là m?t cô bé,
b?i Tran Thi My Tien

N?m 1957, t?i Gia ??nh, Sài Gòn (bây gi? là Tp. HCM), Vi?t Nam.
Có m?t c?p v? ch?ng và m?t ??a tr? nh?. H? ?ang ? trên m?t chi?c xích lô, khi m?t chi?c xe t?i b?t ng? tông vào. C? b?n ng??i v?n xu?ng ???ng. Ng??i ph? n? và ng??i lái xe t?i ch?t t?c kh?c, trong khi ng??i ?àn ông b? ch?n th??ng n?ng chân do b? chi?c xích lô, chèn b?i chi?c xe t?i, cán ngang.
Ng??i ?àn ông kêu c?u t? nh?ng ng??i xung quanh: “Xin hãy giúp con gái tôi!”. M?t ng??i ph? n?, trong khi trên ???ng ??n ?ón con, ?ã cùng xe c?u th??ng ch? ng??i ?àn ông ?i. Ng??i ?àn ông d??ng nh? không h? c?m th?y ?au ??n b?i v?t th??ng n?ng ? chân mà luôn mi?ng b?o cô y tá “Xin hãy giúp con tôi.”
Sau này, ng??i ta bi?t r?ng cô bé ?ã ???c chuy?n ??n m?t côn nhi vi?n công giáo. Ng??i ph? n? ?ã ?i cùng v?i ng??i ?àn ông trên chi?c xe c?u th??ng hôm nào quay tr? v? nhà và suy ngh? v? nh?ng ?i?u s? x?y ra v?i cô con gái trong nhi?u tháng. N?m tháng sau, ng??i ph? n? cùng ch?ng nh?n cô gái làm con nuôi, chuy?n vào Qu?ng Tr? – m?t thành ph? mi?n trung Vi?t Nam, và g?i cho ng??i em gái nuôi ??n khi cô ???c 7 tu?i, và sau ?ó nh?n l?i.
Tôi là ??a tr? ?ó.
Tên tôi là Tran Thi My Tien. ?ây là cái tên mà ba m? nuôi ?ã ??t cho tôi. Tôi r?t mong mu?n g?p l?i ba tôi c?ng nh? nh?ng ng??i h? hàng khác c?a tôi. Tên mà ba m? ru?t ?ã ??t cho tôi là Nguyen Thi Lan.
“Tên mà ba m? ru?t ?ã ??t cho tôi là Nguyen Thi Lan.”

11 Responses

  1. mannequin
    mannequin September 27, 2008 at 1:02 pm |

    How very touching ; it’s heart wrenching , in fact. I can only begin to imagine the need, far beyond just a desire.
    what a wonderful reunion that would be.
    I’ll be following the story, thanks to you !
    Thanks from my heart!

  2. Alyson, the 3 P's Mama
    Alyson, the 3 P's Mama September 27, 2008 at 3:51 pm |

    As an adoptive Mama, I can really imagine the changes that had to take place in this little girl’s life. How hard it all had to be for her as a child! Now as an adult, it is not surprising that she wants to try and find her Birthmama. I hope she can and is not disappointed. More heartbreak is something she does not deserve.

    Alyson, the 3 P’s Mamas last blog post..Like the ad says, Depression hurts.

  3. Jenn
    Jenn September 28, 2008 at 1:04 pm |

    That is so sad, I cannot even imagine what it must be like to have something so huge missing from your life. I hope she finds her family.

  4. Kim @ What's That Smell?
    Kim @ What's That Smell? September 28, 2008 at 6:31 pm |

    Oh, I hope she an find a relative, what a wonderful reunion that will be.

    I’ll post a link to this story on my site today!

  5. Mama's Losin' It
    Mama's Losin' It September 28, 2008 at 9:51 pm |

    Wow that is an amazing story. No ties to Vietnam here…but I hope she finds what she’s looking for…

  6. JessT
    JessT September 29, 2008 at 3:51 am |

    Hi Can Can:

    Thank you for posting my mom’s search for her birth family on your site.

    Have a great day! :-)

  7. angie
    angie September 29, 2008 at 4:15 am |

    I hope that she finds her father or her birth relatives.

  8. Vincent L
    Vincent L December 20, 2008 at 1:56 pm |

    It’s hard to tracking back something happened more than 50 years ago. Her father if survived after amputation and was healthy now is more than 70 years old, so if MyTien knows the man’s name she may search for him. As other relatives I don’t think it’s important, she think she missed them because she never had them. But if she were living closed to them for all these years, she may be tired or hate them. I suggest she just adopt orphans or poor people as her relatives if she really want to giving out her feeling.

  9. Jessica
    Jessica January 22, 2009 at 9:26 am |

    Hi Vincent:

    I am My Tien’s daughter. I just read your post and wanted to respond to it.

    My mother has always wondered want happened to her father and family. She often wonders where her roots are in Vietnam. She has always been asked where she comes from in Vietnam and she always tell them well my adopted family was from … but I am not sure where I was born…

    If you read my blog, my mother became an orphan just days after her birth. She was not told her birth story until I was 18 and her adopted family never told us what her birth father name was. She went to Vietnam with her story and searched many oprhanages looking for babies oprhanaged with similar stories.

    There are many eldery people still living in their 90s in Vietnam. There is still a possibility my mother might be able to be reunited with her father and birth family.

    My mother is a very giving person. We give to needy people on the street when we can, if we have extra food we give to the giving container at the supermarket, and for our next trip to Vietnam sometime in 2009, we are already have lots of goodies to give to local oprhanages in Vietnam.


    P.S. Can can, thanks again for posting my mom’s story on your blog :-)

    Jessicas last blog post..Happy Lunar New Year!

  10. Cheryl
    Cheryl June 23, 2009 at 6:10 am |

    Dear My Thien and Jessica I have hope in my heart for your success! Of course, My Thien, you wish to know who your birth family is! This takes nothing away from your adoptive family and your feelings for them! You have two families – your birth family and your adoptive family! As an adoptive mother I have always had resepct and a special love for the women who gave my children life – I just picked up the torch when they couldn’t continue to parent – but we have in common the love we share for our child. God speed – keep your hopes alive – miracles do happen! Is there a gov’t office that might have records on the accident? Will the local news help you? My best!

  11. Vietnamese
    Vietnamese March 1, 2013 at 3:30 am |

    I am very sorry for you. To find your father / relatives, Please contact They are very helpful, could help many many people reunited with their family.

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