Keeping Little Ones Safe From RSV #RSVProtection

During cold and flu season it is up to parents to be extra vigilant about protecting wee ones from germs.

Hand washing is super important for cold and flu prevention.

Children are taught to share playthings, but they can also pass on viruses that live on those toys for hours, like cold and flu viruses, and especially respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

RSV, a common and contagious seasonal virus, occurs in epidemics every fall through the spring.

RSV is something else to be aware of during cold and flu season… it causes moderate to severe cold-like symptoms, RSV affects two-thirds of all babies by age one and nearly 100% of babies by age two.

The first time I heard of RSV was when my hometown friend had to hospitalize her two year old with a severe case. I was shocked at the severity of the illness, a disease that I had never heard of! 

Don’t be shy about encouraging others to use hand sanitizer or keeping your distance when feeling under the weather…don’t worry about feeling like a jerk, the important thing is that our little ones are kept RSV-free during this high-risk season.

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