Into the Great Outdoors with Chipper!

Snapshot_20110301_6 Award-winning independent children’s label Music for Little People and IAGmedia, Inc. recently released an eco-educational animated and live-action DVD called Let’s Go Chipper: Into the Great Outdoors.

This DVD already won iParenting’s "Hot Product" Award and Family Fun/’s “Top Ten Video” Award, for the fun and playful way it teaches children about nature and the environment.

Chipper the squirrel and his family go on their first camping trip, and Chipper gets lots in the forest!

All kinds of forest friends help him to reunite with his family, and he has stories and songs to share about the greatness of nature!

Along the way, Chipper Tips empower kids and parents to explore nature confidently and curiously together.

Interacting with nature is important for children building problem solving and critical thinking skills, creativity and positive social relationships.

You can purchase Let’s Go Chipper: Into the Great Outdoors as a physical DVD or digitally. The DVD includes a bonus music video “White Sand, Blue Water” which encourages kids to dance along with Peabody, a boogying brown bear. The DVD package also includes a bonus audio CD featuring five original songs featured in the video; “I’m Chipper,” “The S’more Song,” “We All Live In The Great Outdoors,” “Blue Planet Green,” and “The Sun Comes Up, The Sun Goes Down.” (audio tracks are a special bonus with the purchase of the DVD only and are not available digitally).

Let’s Go Chipper has a Facebook page, twitter account, and community social media sites to stay connected! There will even be a Let’s Go Chipper Summer Tour 2011!

Let’s go hike or something! Woohoo!

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