I Teach Preschool For Adults And This Angers The Internet

My name is CanCan. I live in Brooklyn. I am a freelancer. A community manager. A site manager for a non-profit CSA for low income families. An aspiring editorial model. A wannabe J.Crew Catalog model. A blogger. A single parent. I teach preschool for adults.
At Preschool Mastermind, the purpose is to bring a “preschool perspective” to help students deal with “adult problems”. When Michelle Joni asked me to be a part of this, her brainchild, I saw the value in it immediately.

Class Photo By Hanna Agar Photography

Class Photo By Hanna Agar Photography

I have a Masters Degree in teaching. And I have had plenty of “real world problems”, especially since 2011. And I realized, when I was going through some major crap, that I had no control over any of the situations that were bringing me down. I couldn’t control a mean boss. I couldn’t control my failed marriage. I couldn’t control getting laid off. I couldn’t control getting laid off…again. I couldn’t control people treating me badly. But I COULD control how I let it make me feel. I COULD control how I responded to it all. So now I choose to have good days, every day.

Photo By Barcroft Media

We have been getting some coverage all over the Internets. I’m surprised that people note, with anger:

  • The cost of the program. The cost is “pay-what-you-wish” between $333 and $999 for five sessions, including a sleep over and a field trip. And, incidentally, lots and lots of media attention. When my child was in Montessori preschool, it was $400 a week for a half-day. School is expensive, you guys. I worked a part time job JUST to pay for his preschool, and I had a two-week-old.
  • It is a waste of time. There are plenty of ways to waste time. TV binges, Candy Crush, literally laying around doing nothing…but I see Preschool Mastermind as a way to INVEST time. The friendships I made in my early childhood school settings are STILL meaningful in my life. I met one of my BFF’s at age 2, and another in 2nd grade! Focusing on bettering yourself, on creating, on making connections and friendships, is an investment of time, and a worthy one.
  •  “This just proves we are doomed as a society“. <–This is the most common comment on twitter and various blogs I have seen. I’m not sure which society is doomed by indulging creativity, the arts, and fun. Did I miss that subplot of Planet of the Apes?
Lets Play Dress Up!

Dress Up Time!

Foxy CanCan

Me and Foxy At The Preschool Mastermind Sleepover

CanCan is Super

My Superhero Look Includes A Luchador Cape

Be nice. Have fun. Lighten up. You have a choice.

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  1. Kurt Kilpatrick
    Kurt Kilpatrick March 20, 2015 at 8:53 pm |

    Congratulations. You Ladies are doing a Terrific Job
    Helping Adults re-Discover their Inner Child and forming a Bond of Fun, Friendship, and Kindness. Love one another, Be Kind to everyone you meet, forming Relationships with People who Care about Each other and everyone else they Meet.
    I’ve had a pretty good career myself the Past 40 Years as a Professional Humorist and Motivator. Laughter and Humor are the God Given Virtues to help a Maddening World cope with the Stresses and strains of daily living.
    As for the angry tweets and naysayers…forget about them! Critics are as useless as Teats on a boar Hog. Let them wallow in their putrid negativity.
    As for You Can Can and Joni…Rave On! Keep up the Great Work you are Doing and Keep Spreading Joy, Laughter, and Fun to the World. God Bless You Both.
    Kurt Kilpatrick, JD, CSP, CPAE

  2. Bellesouth
    Bellesouth March 20, 2015 at 11:47 pm |

    Every day I aspire to be the reason we are “doomed to fail as a society.” In the history of the use of that phrase and the actions and events to which it has been applied, it typically means you’re doing the right thing.
    Bellesouth recently posted…How Never Hungover helped me survive the Ancient Aliens Drinking GameMy Profile

  3. Preschool for adults teacher says we've got it all wrong

    […] Well hold on to your newspaper hats, world, because one of the teachers at Preschool Mastermind has spoken out against the meanies who have been hating on […]

  4. Karla Archer
    Karla Archer March 23, 2015 at 3:09 pm |

    I have no idea why people have such a problem with this… I think it is such a great idea, and I’m so excited for you!
    Karla Archer recently posted…Useful Cooking and Homekeeping Tips from a 1960s BookMy Profile

  5. Justin
    Justin March 24, 2015 at 9:54 pm |

    I always find it so strange that this is the kind of thing people think is wrong with the world. Not the toxic, unfettered capitalism, not the greed, not the ludicrous and immoral gap between rich and poor, not climate change or creatures going extinct, not people who text while driving down the highway… People having fun in a harmless way. Colouring and taking naps — those are the things that are dooming us. These same people, guaranteed, “waste” just as much time in their own preferred way. I personally think watching sports on tv, drinking, and gambling are all dumb ways to spend one’s time. But those are all extremely popular, and cost at least as much.

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