Get high strung tomorrow! #HighStrungMovie

If you can make it here (in New York City), you can make it any where (and have a way larger living space). This is a fact of American life.

Tomorrow, April 8, 2016 is the opening day for High Strung, a movie about a dancer from the midwest and a musician from England struggling to rise to the level of economic survival in New York.

New York is a crazy place. There are so many actors and artists and musicians trying to make their way in this city that even a job waiting tables can require a model-quality head shot along with the application, and very accomplished classical musicians busk in subway tunnels for pocket change.

My friend and I even made up a game of “spotting” fake celebrities, because so many people look polished and famous. “Oh man, I think I just saw Arealia St. Bonne! That is definitely her!”

So the idea of an innocent dancer from the midwest in the city on a scholarship, is thrown together with a violin-playing street performer in a love-hate-financial survival scenario is one hundred percent plausible.

The fast-paced audio-visual smorgasbord is a feast for the senses and an inspiration for the soul…plus movies like this always make me think I am probably a pretty awesome dancer, deep down inside.


The film stars world class dancer Keenan Kampa (Russia’s Mariinsky Ballet’s first American dancer) and Nicholas Galitzine (“The Beat Beneath My Feet”) alongside 62 original dancers from London, Paris, L.A. and New York.

“We wanted to make a dance film that would represent multiple genres of dance: not just hip hop, but also ballet, contemporary, tango, and even Irish step dance,” said director Michael Damian.

High Strung opens in select theaters on Friday, April 8th. Check the list of theaters on, and get your inspiring and uplifting feast for the eyes.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. These opinions are not boughten.

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