Don’t Be A Ditz, Cover Your Mitts!


Have you ever grabbed the gas pump only to find it covered with gasoline and gunky stuff?

Now you have nowhere to wipe your hand! What to do?

There is actually a fashionable solution for ladies, and it’s called Pump Gloves!

Pump Gloves are designed to protect a woman’s hands and manicure from the gas, grease, grime and germs she comes into contact with while pumping gasoline. Each pair is packaged in a handy vinyl storage bag made to fit conveniently into the glove compartment.


logoThey are kind of like stylish gardening gloves with cute bows on them. My mom and mother-in-law both wanted a pair when they saw mine, and I was sorry to have to tell my dad that they don’t have Pump Gloves for men.

Pump Gloves are convenient to use and store in the handy included case. If you do grab some grime, Pump Gloves are machine washable.

At $14.95, they are a great gift for the diva who has everything.

I received a sample of Pump Gloves for the purposes of review. I think they are a refreshing new “travel product”.

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