Dennis the Menace, Season 1 on DVD

Snapshot_20110301_7I watched plenty a Dennis the Menace rerun on Nickelodeon as a child, and on March 29, SHOUT! Factory is releasing a 5-DVD Collectible Box Set!

Dennis the Menace (Season 1, 1959 TV series) has all 32 original and uncut episodes from the first season (1959-1960).

I don’t remember Dennis Mitchell (Jay North) being so adorable when I was a kid. And his mistakes appear a lot more innocent to me as an adult. When I was a kid I just thought he was bad!

Mr. Wilson is still a pretty big jerk, and Dennis’ parents Henry and Alice Mitchell are very patient (but why don’t they watch their kid?).

Special features on Dennis the Menace (Season 1, 1959 TV series) include new interviews with cast members, archived radio interviews with Jeannie Russell and Gloria Henry, original TV show promo and a special bonus episode from The Donna Reed Show featuring Jay North as Dennis Mitchell and Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson, and original promos for the show.

Dennis the Menace Season 1 will be priced at $29.93, and is currently listed on Amazon for $20.99.

You can also get this DVD box set at, and other online retailers.

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  1. Jackie
    Jackie March 20, 2011 at 6:50 am |

    Dennis the Mennace was on (as re-runs) when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite shows!

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