Cuddly Headphones Street Cred

I always feel like I’m “in over my head” when it comes to choosing things like tech accessories for kids.

Especially headphones! I don’t want them to be so cheap they break, I don’t want them to be so cheap they damage their little ear drums, but I also don’t want to pay more than I have to, and they all look the same to me.


I felt like it was a sign from the heavens when I saw cute, lightweight Animalz by ReTrak.

They are so cute for travel or just hanging around the house if you don’t want to listen to minecraft digging noises or another round of the song “Nugget. Biscuit. NuggetinABiscuit.”

Animalz are designed for little ears and have volume-limiting technology (max is 85 decibles) and a retractable cord for tangle-free travel and storage.

Also they are designed to look like animal faces. In case you were confused. Get it? Animalz?

There are 6 different designs. Before you get anxious about how to choose which one to buy, take the Buzz Feed quiz and find out which Animalz headphones are your kid’s spirit animal!


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