Travel with children

Family Togetherness On The Go

I have friend who is always proposing that we do “table questions” whenever we go out to eat with a group of adults. She likes to get to know people on a personal level, and one way to engage everyone at the table is to have each person answer the same question.I immediately thought of […]

What NOT To Bring on an Airplane Trip

You might not know this about me, but I am a teacher by training. My first teaching experience was with 130 first graders at a boarding school in China. It was a rough way to be broken in, but I learned some valuable skills, one of which was the ability to see a possible accident […]

No-Tech Fun for All Ages

My oldest child is 3 1/2 now. He has an average attention span of about 45 seconds. In planning for long trips (read: LOTS of time for sitting still), I am always looking for small, quiet toys that don’t have a lot of small pieces that can get lost. Most “travel games” are above my […]

Travel With Children…Toddler Edition

Last year I had to fly for over 25 hours with my toddler child. I dreaded the journey for MONTHS. Just ME and the child. I was going home for my brother’s wedding and my husband couldn’t join us until two weeks later. This is my journal entry after I traveled alone with my 2-years-and-five-month-old […]

Never Carry Around a Dirty Bib Again!

I have been traveling with my children for as long as I have been a mom. My first airplane adventure as a mom was with my new 7-week-old baby. In normal every day life, I tend to be a laid-back person, but when traveling with children I have been forced to become very systematic and […]


I just want to let everyone know that I am on VACATION this week (until next Wednesday), but when I return home we are going to start a REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY BONANZA! As I prepare to fly back to Asia, I will be reviewing travel products that have saved my sanity, then I will also […]

School of Airplane Travel (*with children)** baby and toddler edition

Flying with an 8-month-old might not be that bad, usually, but our experience had a special added challenge. This is my journal entry from our super long trek from Southeast Asia to USA with my 8-month-old: 8-months-old Jonas got his first cold the night before we flew out from Laos, so the plane trip was […]

School of Airplane Travel (*with children)** newborn

My first time traveling with children was a very long trip from the East Coast of the USA to Southeast Asia. My baby was 7-weeks-old. I stressed about that trip for a very long time. Really, I had nothing to worry about. I packed about 70 disposable diapers into a HUGE backpack diaper bag (designed […]

The Journey of A Thousand Miles…

We are returning to Laos in July. I need to keep reminding myself of this.In an effort to motivate myself to get ready, I have decided to chronicle our preparation on this blog.First, I need to make a list of everything we need to pack.Secondly, I need to actually locate those things and see if […]

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