SweetPea3 MP3 Player for Kids: Now Cheaper!

Demand has been rising for the SweetPea3 MP3 player! Remember the review and giveaway during Bloggy Carnival? As we get closer to Christmas, there will be shortages of SweetPea3s as more and more people hear about it and want to buy one. Due to the short buying season, the time it takes to get product […]

SweetPea3 For Your Tiny Dancer

Welcome to all the Bloggy Giveaways lovers! I have been so conflicted about entertaining my children while we travel. Since they are so young (3 1/2 and 1), I’m just not ready to buy a portable DVD player for the car. I want them to use their own imaginations, and in the car they are […]

Jishaku Attraction Hard to Resist

It seems that a lot of wonderful things that we love in the United States have come to us from Japan: Hello Kitty, sushi, Iron Chef, Sudoku, Sony…the list is quite lengthy. Now, there is another innovative product from Japan making it’s way into American game cabinets, JISHAKU! Jishaku is a strategy game with an […]

Kids Klutter Katchers are Neat (it’s a pun!)

Confession: I am not a naturally organized person. Yes, I am a “piler” (not a filer). I have been trying to rehabilitate my piling ways for several years, with the help of old episodes of Clean Sweep and the cold dose of reality that having children brings, I am definitely making progress. When I travel, […]

Travel Diversion List for Ages 2-5

Since 2002 I have flown across the world 10 times. Many parents have asked me for advice about how to survive very long (usually international) flights with young children. I am especially eager to give helpful tips to adoptive parents who will be flying with their children for the first time. I worked in China […]

Family Togetherness On The Go

I have friend who is always proposing that we do “table questions” whenever we go out to eat with a group of adults. She likes to get to know people on a personal level, and one way to engage everyone at the table is to have each person answer the same question.I immediately thought of […]

No-Tech Fun for All Ages

My oldest child is 3 1/2 now. He has an average attention span of about 45 seconds. In planning for long trips (read: LOTS of time for sitting still), I am always looking for small, quiet toys that don’t have a lot of small pieces that can get lost. Most “travel games” are above my […]

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