Cleanliness, Cuteness, and Portability(ness)

My childhood home was an older house. It creaked at night and had bad plumbing. Worst of all, it was home to a legion of cockroaches. I was afraid of the dark, like a lot of children, but unlike most children, I wasn’t worried about ghosts or monsters. I was afraid of the dark because […]

Air Travel Safety for Kids

“The National Transportation Safety Board recommends that all occupants be restrained during take off, landing and turbulent conditions and that all infants and small children be restrained in a manner appropriate to their size.” From the National Transportation Safety Board When flying with my children I am always emotionally conflicted about how to keep them […]

Jazz Toes!

The first time I ever flew to Asia, it wasn’t an entirely bad experience. Yes, it was more than 12 hours on an airplane, but this was in the days that airlines really took care of you. None of this “pay extra for a meal” nonsense. No! When we embarked on our Air China flight, […]

Don’t Be Chickin…Balance Their Diet!

I think every mom can testify to the effects of “Mommy Brain”. I used to be pretty sharp, but nowadays I sometimes forget why I opened the refrigerator (what was I getting now…?). Mommy Brain can make it difficult to be the Super Moms we were meant to be. Mom Leslie Smith Grant wanted a […]

Family Togetherness On The Go

I have friend who is always proposing that we do “table questions” whenever we go out to eat with a group of adults. She likes to get to know people on a personal level, and one way to engage everyone at the table is to have each person answer the same question.I immediately thought of […]

No-Tech Fun for All Ages

My oldest child is 3 1/2 now. He has an average attention span of about 45 seconds. In planning for long trips (read: LOTS of time for sitting still), I am always looking for small, quiet toys that don’t have a lot of small pieces that can get lost. Most “travel games” are above my […]

Never Carry Around a Dirty Bib Again!

I have been traveling with my children for as long as I have been a mom. My first airplane adventure as a mom was with my new 7-week-old baby. In normal every day life, I tend to be a laid-back person, but when traveling with children I have been forced to become very systematic and […]

Super-Cute Toy Alert!

If you want a chance to win a super-cute play set of FELT FOOD made by Lilly Bean Market, head over to The Opinionated Parent review and leave a comment by April 21st!These foods are made by a momtrepreneur, born from a desire to provide her son’s stuffed animals with a well-balanced diet.

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