Best Birthday Present Ever!

Best Birthday Present for a 3-year-old boy: Dinosaur costume! Thanks, Jessica!

Photo Entry

Halloween costumes: Birthday party at the fire station:A newly-turned three-year-old:Fun with friends at the birthday party:

Traumatic Well-Visit Day!

Today was Jojo’s 3 year well-child Dr.’s visit, as well as Baby D’s 2 month check up.Jojo is 50th percentile for height and weight. “Big D” is 97th for weight! I forget what she said for height but it was MUCH MUCH lower…I want to say something like 50th as well. I knew he was […]

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jojo Bean!

My First Born Son, Tomorrow will be your 3rd birthday. These three years have gone by so quickly, yet I can’t remember what my life was like before you became a part of it. I always wanted to be a Mama; you have brought me joy since the day of your birth. When you were […]

File Under: Impossible to Feel Sorry for Myself

Remember a story about a group of people who had been miraculously saved from forced slavery? They were led to safety and fed for days and weeks and years, and then the people decided that they didn’t like the food they had been given and what they REALLY needed was meat…they NEEDED MEAT, really really […]

Fun Saturday (?)

My husband just called me from working his double shift as a waiter and asked me if I would be mad if he quit his job. I told him that he was free to quit, but to do it in the correct way and not just walk off the job. He agreed. Apparently the management […]

Not Fun Thursday

Thursdays are one of my hardest mom days. My husband works from 10am-10pm on Thursdays. I work in the mornings and pick up Jojo from preschool at 1, try to get him to eat lunch in the car so I can get him down for a nap by 2. If he isn’t down by 2 […]

Success in the Dentist Office!

Today was Jojo’s first ever trip to the DENTIST. He did so well, the hygienist and dentist were so amazed how composed he was for being not-yet-three-years-old.He sat well through the brushing and flossing but cried a bit during the fluoride treatment because he said it tasted yucky. I never liked that part either.He got […]

Fun with Charity Clothes

This is just an impromptu Halloween costume I put together from a bag of charity donated clothes. I was going for “elementary school teacher”, or “a mom, circa 1992″. I entered a picture of Jojo in a Halloween/Fall Photo Contest. It is one of my favorite pictures ever.

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